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Siguran Prostor

Meaning: Safe Space

Our Story

Non-profit platform with the aim to connect psychotherapists (different modalities of psychotherapy, finished education, in education, under supervision) and people who need help. Psychotherapists offer help for free, so this is the platform where people can seek help for free and professionals are providing knowledge and experience (good deed). Each professional can choose how many hours he or she will donate. Siguran Prostor is a time-raising platform where kind psychotherapists donate their time in order to help people who seek help but don't have money to afford it. The mission of this platform is to reduce depression, anxiety, and the number of suicides.

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Podaci udruženja:

Naziv: Siguran Prostor

Adresa: Vukasovićeva 86,

Beograd 11000, Srbija

PIB: 113129397

Matični Broj: 28344511

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